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Sunday, November 06, 2005
  thick fog-clouds of sleep
Lord I’m feeling soooo sleepy, it unbelievable. It only 8pm fer gawd’s sake. But still, it’s a delicious kind of sleepiness that comes to those who have started the day at the crack of dawn. It feels really good these days to slip under the warm sheets, protected from the cold and go right to sleep soon after. I bought Hannibal by Thomas Harris a few days back. I plan to do my reading before going to sleep, but what with my tendency these last few days to crawl into bed semi-conscious, I’ve only made it to the second page - and I may to reread page one again to be sure I’m keeping up.

In times like these, when I’ve got a warm bed to go to when I know its cold outside, I feel genuinely thankful to God. I know there are many in this earthquake who don’t have a warm bed, and winter is fast approaching, the outside will only get colder.
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