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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  stone cold bored
Afternoons are so dreary. The wind never blows and outside the light seems to look the same from 9am to 4pm – it’s as if time is standing still.  By the time afternoon rolls around you kind of start wishing the view outside my window would be more dynamic. Like the wind moving the leaves, or dark clouds of a shower, or the new-found brightness of the leaves after it rained, or something… Instead, there’s a depressing stillness to autumn and winter.

The clock however moves forward very fast. The day seems to be over before I know it and it’s a chore to keep listening to the physiology professor in my Kaplan notes. He’s very very monotonous and has a sharp nasal voice. He only moves his left hand, his lips (as he’s talking) and his eyelids when he’s blinking. It’s like he’s afraid he’ll drop stone dead of a stroke if he moves anymore. The most exciting thing this guy ever gets is wearing a different shirt after every few videos. It’s a sharp contrast from Dr. Steven Daugherty of Behavioral Science and Ethics or the wonderful Conrad Fischer of Internal Medicine in the Step 2 videos. They make their subjects come to life.

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