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Saturday, November 19, 2005
  Should I, or Shouldn't I?
I wonder if should turn this blog into more of a USMLE diary, where I blog my actual nuts-and-blots-of-it progress for your reading pleasure. I’ve got a least two USMLE hopefuls reading my blog regularly that I know of (Usman and Moiz). The many uuhhh millions of my other adoring reader fans who are not doctors will most probably not be interested and will not appreciate the move. It is the fear of several thousand such fans organizing themselves into crazed, wild-eyed protests groups hurling Molotov cocktails at my house that makes me reluctant to go ahead with the change.

I guess I could set up another blog dedicated to my USMLE ramblings… I’ll sleep on it.
i think u could just start another usmle diary. that could serve the frequent urges that you have now and then to write about your prep.
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Recent med school graduate from Peshawar, Pakistan. Started blogging when in throes of final year exams. Currently studying for USMLE Step 1. Aiming for the 2008 Match. I blog about my studies, my worries, and my thoughts on life. I live in Islamabad.

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