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Sunday, November 13, 2005
  A scary story.
A good friend of mine, two years my senior (in the same college) graduated with excellent marks and was looked at as an example to be followed. He was very well rounded. Good in studies and otherwise very active in extracurricular activities. He wrote prose and poetry, played the guitar very well, composed music, traveled a lot, and spoke four languages. A very well rounded individual indeed.

After final year, which I emphasize again, he did very well in, he decided he was not going to do his housejob, but go straight for the Steps instead. He started studying after taking a nice long vacation in January 2004. In the following months, he could be seen engaged in yet more extracurricular activities. When I asked him how his studying was going, he assured me it was going well. Months went by, and when we asked him when he was giving Step one, his answer would always be a few months later than the last time we asked him. The months turned into a year, and more months were piled up on top of that. We started getting concerned. When are you going for the steps, man? Its been a long time already. Finally, 18 months after he officially started studying and 21 months after he graduated, he went and gave the exam.

He’ll do very well. A 99er for sure, if there ever was one. We were all sure he’d go great. He came out of the exam stating that it seemed to be a pretty easy exam and that he finished the blocks inside of 40 minutes each time. Wow, he’s going to do great! we all thought.

After his exam, he went to Riyadh to be with his family there and I went to Peshawar to face my own final year exam. I lost touch with him and found out about his result the night before my 3rd paper. A mutual friend told me about him.

He had failed. He got a 72 and failed the exam after forsaking the housejob and putting 18 months of his life into this project. Later it emerged, from his confessions, that during this whole time, he hadn’t been studying. I was too embarrassed to tell you the truth whenever you guys would ask me about my progress, he said. After the result, he avoided all of us. I haven’t seen him since June. He won’t answer the phone and won’t meet anyone unless he needs to. He’ll be coming here to Islamabad to deliver something for me in a few days. It will be an interesting talk if he doesn’t run away after delivering my stuff.
Your way of writting very much resembles NatGeo investgations!You are doing a great job.Keep it up.
c'est la vie..if i were to look back at my time in uni..you would be surprised to see what happens to people, the reality is life has to even itself out at some moment.
Its like 'life' catches on to you, and sez... hold on, you're not getting off that easy! And then gives it to ya up the ass.
GULP! i so don't want to end up in the dumps liek this friend of yours =( i better get my act straight and take the steps more seriously! thanks for this blog!
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