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Sunday, November 13, 2005
  HIV news.
There’s a British man who seems to have beat back the HIV bug. If it’s true, then it’s a massive find and it could be the first step towards a cure. The news has just come out a few hours ago, and I suspect it will be Big News as the days go by. And this isn’t some juju man who claimed to eat camel bladders or smeared himself in cow dung mixed with tiger semen either. He was just an ordinary guy, and was told by his baffled doctors that his tests were coming back negative after having been checked three times. He himself couldn’t believe it and is overjoyed that he’s testing negative. The original tests also seem to be genuine. He was tested three times before and came out positive every time. Then after 14 months (of no treatment), he suddenly came back negative.

As I said, if this is really true and not due to some faulty lab tests, this man will change everything. I just hope he doesn’t get hit by a bus or something! We need to study him. This is big big news.
actually man...i hate burstin ur bubble...but if I remember correctly (and Moiz can back me up on this) there are other ppl too to whom this has happened...apparently there's a certain set of ppl who get infected but never get AIDS...something in their system beats the bug...and another set who get it...test positive and then all of a sudden, the bug disappears...i seem to remember this from the Micro book Javid's...Moiz knows the exact name of the book...what is it Moiz?
I seem to remember all this but I cud be wrong...u mite wanna check that out...
I think what you mean is that there are people who get the HIV bug, but never get AIDS. AIDS is what happens when the HIV bug goes ballistic on ur ass and messes up ur system. There are many people who are HIV + but don't have AIDS, the numbers growing because of newer and beter anti-retrovirals are coming out. But the HIV bug NEVER goes away. You always stay HIV positive once ur infected, whether you get AIDS from this or not is a different matter. This guy became HIV negative spontaneously. Such a thing has never been accurately documented till now. So its an exciting development, to say the least.
ure rite...it has never been documented before this well but like i said it has happened before...anecdotal cases man....and yeah it still is very exciting cuz we know then that there is a cure somewhere...anyways take a look at this:

Has that person became PCR positive to PCR negative? or is it just serum antibody positive or negative? Well let me just have look at the news.
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