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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
  Google your time away...
As some of the more tech savvy of you will already know, Google the Giant is on a mission to scan all the world’s books. I think it’s a splendid idea and I hope some hacker finds a way to get into Google HQ soon and steal all the scanned books before the service becomes more secure. But anyhow, for now its not difficult at all to see as much of a book as you want. Technically, you can only go two pages forwards or backwards from the page you land at when you do the search.

Case in point, I searched for “Medical Biochemistry” and found, amongst many others, Mark’s Basic Medical Biochemistry published by Lippincott. I searched the book further for what interested me and read pages 225, 226 and 227. I couldn’t go any further, because of the whole copyright thing, but no worries, I just searched the book itself for “228”, and voila, a new search list gave me page 228 as a search find, giving me access to that page as well pages 229 and 230.

It’s a great service, although I’m sure they’ll come up with some features to prevent unscrupulous persons like myself from accessing too much material.
By the way, why don't you ask your finace` to join you in this sacred world of blogging?
She's not much of a reader, let alone a writer. We're polar opposites there, which is funny cuz we still get along very well.
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