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Sunday, November 20, 2005
  Forums for USMLE hopefuls
For all those USMLE hopefuls out there, I spent the all day yesterday scouring the net for good USMLE forums. I found three, which in my estimation are very good and which I’ll be visiting regularly. They are, prep4usmle, the Student Doctor Network, and valuemd. (There is also a fourth, usmle.net which has been around forever, but its format is prehistoric. It’s amazing to me how in this day and age the good Dr. Carl of usmle.net does not choose to update his site and put in some good bulletin software for the users.) I like the notion of being tapped into the thoughts of several hundred USMLE hopefuls. There are many people willing to help with guidance on these sites, with good scores of their own. If nothing else, it’s a great source of motivation to hear people scoring well, and talking about their study habits, and their concerns. These forums are a buzz with activity and thoughtful feedbacks from many people just like me. It’s a far cry from my sleepy little room on the top floor of my sleepy little house. I’ve been pumped up quite a bit after scouring through these sites. I guess it’s a herd-support thing… humans are social animals after all.

U write well. To add to your resources - do chek out My USMLE Step 2 CS Tips and Tricks Blog at http://csprotocol.blogspot.com - specially made for FMGs.

Good luck
I like prep4usmle and usmleforum.com - dont like studentdoctor.net - that forum is not friendly to FMGs / IMGs..
Yeah, the SDN forum is full of AMGs. I discovered that only after lots of reading. But its good cuz it pumps you up when you read posts by guys who scored 250+, altho many of these guys has serious complexes. prep4usmle is by far a lot friendlier.
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