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Thursday, November 17, 2005
  For the veiled one.
Niqabi, I tend to avoid replicating other people's writing on my blog, with the very occasional exception. I made the "Is the Truth Relative or Absolute" question into a link. All you need to do is click on it. It'll take you straight to the page.

As for our 'duty' to convert all non-Muslims, I strongly believe it has long been a misconception that it is indeed incumbent on us to convert all the world’s non-Muslims. I’m all for encouraging good and forbidding what’s bad, I think that’s a function of any healthy society. However, the reason I have a problem with the whole “Non-muslims are going to rot in hell unless we save them” idea is that it fosters intolerance. We have Sunni-Shia conflicts because each group thinks they are on the path of God and that the other group consists of stubborn infidels who just don’t see the light. I’ll always have a problem with any belief-system that fosters an exclusivist doctrine. I can’t believe its healthy to think that you and your fellow believers alone will be saved and that all others who don’t think like you will go to hell. It’s just plain unhealthy.

I’m not trying to proselytize here and I’m not even trying to convince you I’m correct. I don’t mean any offense and I hesitate to try and explain myself any further because I’ve found that debates on religion tend to get nowhere.

I’ve managed to get a list of 1800+ questions from the Understanding Islam site all on one page. Go through the list if you wish and dive in to any question that intrigues you.

1815 Questions from UI
lol@for the veiled one.

Jazakallah for the link :)
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