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Friday, November 25, 2005
Study is going quite well, alhumdulillah. I’m keeping the stakes of this time that I have in mind and stick to a very strict timetable. I’m in bed by 11:30 pm so that I’m sure to have fallen asleep by midnight. I’m awake 8 hours later and I’ve found that those 8 hours of sleep really help me go faster during the whole day. I’ve also noticed a pattern in my speed. I’m usually slow in the mornings but pick up speed around the evenings so much so that I actually enjoy going through the material. I’m keeping things simple, just sleeping, eating and studying. In my short breaks I blog an entry here or read google news.

My final year exam result is not out yet (which speaks volumes for the efficiency of the college) and today I was feeling a little paranoid about the result. Its probably going to be out within 3 weeks. I’ve never had a good result since I entered med school and although this last exam went great (much better than any other I ever gave), and although I can reason out rationally that I am certain to pass, I still has that nagging, cold creepy feeling of all my plans going horribly wrong with a failure in one subject. I know it won’t happen. I aced this exam and I’ll probably come out with flying colors. It just goes to show how a series of (academic) misfortunes, such as the ones I’ve had can make a person lose faith in the age-old adage ‘everything will be alright’.
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