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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  Early Morning Vibes

No nightmares lasts night, haha. Woke up to find that my older brother changed some setting on the server of our in-house LAN network and my computer is now cut off. It 5:30 am, and I’d dearly love to burst in his room and shout at him for doing this for the second time in three days. Will have to learn what he does so I’m not dependent on him to fix it.

Got really mad when I found out I got cut off from the net. I’m using the server computer right now and while its okay, it’s not my highly customized, firefox-browser system. Then I decided to ease up. No sense in holding in bad vibes over small things. I don’t really need the net that much in the mornings anyway. I wish I could be more mellow and patient with things. I used to be before, but now I find I’m short tempered. I think it to due with my irregularity in my prayers and subsequent distance from God. Prayer really does miracles for the soul. It’s a gift but I don’t use it. I’m go pray Fajr now.
Assalamoalaykum w.w!

I got a hint that u r from islamabad ... if you are plz vivit this post of mine ...!


I'll be delighted enough :)

haha Asma is already at work i see.
and Dr. saab i think it is the stress of MLE showing.hehe
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