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Saturday, November 12, 2005
I being brainwashed! I told you about the boring physiology Kaplan guy in my lecture videos. He’s got the most monotonous way of speaking. It drives you crazy. I just noticed that I’ve started talking in the same way myself! Arrrrrgh!
u've had some pretty fuckin' similar experiences Ive had...is it the writer/artist/doctor combo? I dont know but uve had similar shit and sugar ive had...anyways im following ur blog now...keep writing...and dont werry abt the steps...ull do fine...

best of luck..my CS is over...will be back before long...
We generally tend to pick up habits from others and this one looks inevitable as he is the one you listen to so carefully
Hey usman. Yes we have had pretty similiar stuff happen to both of us. I deperately wanted to get a guitar when I was in first year MBBS, but I just couldn't get enough money together to buy one. And my father would never have gone for it.

Have you written anything that's been published? I started a Adam-Douglas-like novel. Just got to 10,000 words before other things in life took over. I did published a book later on though, altho it was boring non-fiction.

Update ur blogs more often!
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