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Thursday, November 24, 2005
  Another day, another blog
Another day, another slog. I did well today, going through a whole bunch of material and feeling quite enthusiastic about it all. I’m definitely walking through the day with a sense of urgency and purpose. When I wake up in the mornings, take a shower and have breakfast, I keep reminding myself (or rather, my conscience reminds me) that these days will determine a score that could literally decide how I spend the rest of my life. If I mess up… but lets not go there. I’m doing well, albeit horribly behind my targets.

Still a long way to go. Nothing much happened today, just studied all the time. Oh, and Rai, my bowel habits were great today. ;)
gussa hi ker gaye ho bhai
nice blog btw if i dint tell u alredy.urs n moiz r the only ones i follow nowadays
No no, bro, I didn't mind ur previous commments at all. I was just kidding.
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