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Sunday, October 09, 2005
  Updates on the quake
I was writing an update when the light went out. They stayed out for about 30 minutes. It's past midnight right now and I was thinking that if we got an aftershock just then, we'd have a difficult time getting to the door in the dark.

We're expecting aftershocks. The news is telling us to be alert because we could have more aftershocks over the next two days. My building that houses my brother's computers shop in Abbottabad suffered a big crack and many other buildings in that city are totally flattened. He's going over tomorrow first thing in the morning to empty his shop of everything he can just in case.

The expectation of more aftershocks is nerve racking. My tired mind is starting to imagine tremors and I freeze up for a few seconds to 'feel' for it. Of course, when there really isn't a tremor to be feltit takes a while for me to relax again. I just whent downstairs and filled up a glass halfway with water and placed it on the desk next to the computer. If there is the slightest tremor, I can see the fluid level in glass move.

No one in the house is really sleeping well. My mother just came up for a look-see, asking for any news updates. Outside our house are rows of apartment blocks across the road to us, and the people living there are all sleeping outside. They don't want to be stuck on the higher-up floors when a quake hits. They're doing this even though it just rained for two hours and the ground must be soaking wet.

I'm feeling very irritable. I'm feeling tired, but don't want to go to sleep. The feeling of the ground shaking underneath you is terrible.
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