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Sunday, October 09, 2005
  More quake quivers
2:50 am. Just had another aftershock. I think there was one about an hour ago too, but wasn't sure. Am damn sure about this one though. I felt the insidiously silent movement underneath me, looked at my glass and sure enough the fluid level was moving.

With these quakes, what happens is that initially I'm not very sure that its happening. Maybe thats because a part of me doesn't want to believe that its happening and my mind goes into denial for a brief time. Then there is usually a single jolt that convinces me that its happening. When this jolt comes, all doubt goes out the window and I sudden unfreeze and jump up. Its really nerve wracking. I didn't run out, because it's fricken 3 in the morning, I bolted up and crouched down next to my glass, watching the fluid levels. It keep moving for a while, and I was earnestly trying to will it to stop moving. I really didn't want to be forced to leave. This was a pretty strong aftershock, it didn't last very long though. About 30 seconds or so. Still, the heart rate went up and I felt that cold chill creep over me.

Islamabad has turned into a dangerous enemy. Its like a snake that's set its sights on you. You never know when its going to strike, but its got you by the balls and there's no getting away from it. I feel a bit resentful really. It feels a little like being betrayed. Its as if this city, which is my home has turned against me.
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