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Saturday, July 16, 2005
  What's going on?? And will it last?

I'm full of energy. It seems like my perspective on life has completely changed. When I think of the "very very blue" entry I wrote, it seems like it was a long time ago. But it's only been 4 days! So much seems to have changed in the last three days. I'm energetic and enthusiatic about life. Like I wrote last time, I feel like a teenager: forging ahead with the blindly positive unethusiasm that only youth can manage. Studying has really picked up, and today I found myself aiming ever higher.

I didn't sleep last night at all. I worked through the whole morning, and went to sleep at noon to wake up 4 hours later, feeling fresh and eager to study. I then went back to sleep at 1 am, and after just an hour, woke up feeling fresh and eager again. I'm going to go and study now, in what I'm sure will be great day!

What's going on?? How did I get this way? Is someone slipping something in my coffee?

Whatever it is, in my present state of euphoria, I believe it will last. I can barely hear the vestigial pessimist in me that tries to speak up and tell me that it won't last. The last three days, I've slept an average of 4 hours. The days seem so much longer to me now. I have 40 days left for the exam, and right now, that seems to be enough time to get everything in my schedule done.

Life is good.

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