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Friday, July 15, 2005
  Geared up.

The acidity was really bad in the morning, so I took some raniditine. That seems to have done the trick. My gastric pH is behaving itself now and leaving me be. I have insomnia, for the second night in a row. I went to bed 2 hours ago, couldn't sleep, so I got up to check my mail and stuff.

I'm all worked up over the possibility of successfully doing my USMLEs after my final exams. It just seems like such a real prospect. The adrenaline rush that comes with the Step 1 exam is already coursing through me, and that's giving me insomnia. I didn't study that much today. That was partly due to the insomnia of last night, partly my acidity, and partly because I was reading this USMLE guide written by Aga Khan students. It's an amazing guide; its into second edition and it deals with all aspects of the USMLEs... from how to apply for the exams to how to dress for the interviews. It's an amazing effort by those extraordinary guys (actually the majority of the writers were girls) in AKU. Hats off to them.

Reading the guide, which took a few hours, I got all pumped up again because the writers repeatedly referred to the fact that delaying your Step 2 CK exam all the way till September is not necessarily the kiss of death. In fact, the primary author of the first edition gave her Step 2 in October. Knowing that I've got that much room to breath in is comforting. I was getting all tense and nervous about having to give the exam in July or forgetting the whole thing. Of course, they recommend that the Step 2 CK be done ASAP so the application can be that much stronger, but do say that giving it later will not preclude participation in the upcoming match. I'll still be aiming for July, but it's comforting to know that I've got some room to move around in.

I feel a little thrilled and anxious at the same time. Such an important time is coming up. Lets hope it ends well.

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