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Sunday, June 05, 2005
  A turning of the tide?
I started off with my lofty goals. After blogging the last entry, I got to it - brute memorizing the infertility chapter in gynecology. I managed to get the first hour of study done before I got my break. I know I said I'd do one and a half hours, but I couldn't manage it. The first hour went okay. I took my 30 minute break, then started again. The second hour was wasted day-dreaming! Not all of it, mebbe 30 minutes of it. I stared at the book though for the whole hour, trying to concentrate. I took my second 30 minute break then waded back in to the fascinating world of fallopian tube patency testing and the like.

The third hour of studying was hard for me. I emerged for the 3rd 30 minute break much like a man breaking up from the water for air. I felt suffocated. Not a good sign! I was reaching my saturation point too quickly in the day. The third break last 3 hours! I tried and tried to bring my mind back to the book, but just couldn't bear it. It was soooo dry! I puttered around for just a while after that, trying to get back to the study-break-study-break pattern of studying, but around 7pm, I knew that I lost the tempo.

Not all is lost though. After a 2 week dry period, which is eons in prep-mode-time, mebbe thinking of a full-blown, all guns blazing return to form on the very first day was asking too much. At least I can say it was not a totally unproductive day. About 4 hours of studying overall, which is a modest return to what I hope will be a more productive state of mind tomorrow.

To make things more interesting, I'm going to have all the surgery material I need in front of me as well. When gyne seems to be choking the spirit right out of me, I'll simply switch to something else. I have to get around to surgery sometime anyways. The problem with surgery is that we don't have a book besides Baily and Love's Textbook of Surgery, which is not for med students. Its too detailed, and very badly written to book. I'm going to hunt around for an online surgery book I can use. Anything's better than Baily and Love!
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