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Thursday, June 02, 2005
  Me own blog.
Okay then, since this is the first blog entry, it is befitting if a major portion of the post here is dedicated to explaining why I’ve decided to keep one. Before we get into that however, a brief introduction is in order.

First off, I’m not going to ever entirely reveal who I am. I’ll share lots of detail, but I don’t believe I’ll ever sign my name here. I’m not unknown in the circles I move around in and I don’t want people who know me personally to come here and read the stuff I have to say. I might be complaining about them (in some future blog) and it would be awkward having to face them after I’ve ranted on for a good 500 words about how evil they are.

I am a senior medical student in Peshawar, Pakistan. In about 4 and a half months, I’ll be done with my final exams, and by about December 2005, I’ll have graduated and be Dr. Pak (my pseudonym, of course). In about January 2006, I’ll start studying for my USMLE exams – which are the exams one needs to take in order to practice/train as a doctor in the US. The USMLE process will take a long time, and no doubt, will be a difficult time for me.

Currently, I’m on my “preps”. Where I come from, “preps” or preparatory leave is time you get off from school to study for the final exam. In the stupid medical college I go to, there is no semester system (no internal assessments, no mid-terms, no quizzes, papers, assignments, etc…) and while that may seem like a really great way to get through school (basically months and months of wasting time, not studying and then freaking out during the preps!) its not! Final year, the year I’m in right now is considered to be the most difficult year of all. We have the following subjects to contend with:

And we’ve got to learn the entire contents of the course for one, very long, one and a half month-long exam. It’s a very stressful, dispiriting time - I can tell you from personal experience. One senior described it as a “mentally crushing” exam.

More on that later.

Oh, and I’m a 25 year old male.

This blog is an attempt to better myself. I noticed an extraordinary degree of openness in some of the blogs I’ve read over the net. (There was a great reason why I got into blog-hunting [medically related blogs, that is] in the first place...more on that later…where was I, yes!...improving myself.) I feel if I lay it all out, post it up on the great big bulletin-board of cyberspace, I am somehow going through the process of exorcizing my demons. Maybe I’ll find a group of friend and well-wishers along the way who’ll help me out in the re-education/deconstruction/rebuilding/whateverayacallit of DrPak

Hmmm…that’ll do for the very first post.

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Recent med school graduate from Peshawar, Pakistan. Started blogging when in throes of final year exams. Currently studying for USMLE Step 1. Aiming for the 2008 Match. I blog about my studies, my worries, and my thoughts on life. I live in Islamabad.

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